The main pillars of ARCO-Nepal conservation philosophy are:

- Scientific Knowledge
- Education
- Public awareness
- Conservation

Budoholi – Turtle Rescue & Conservation Centre

Budoholi TRCC – 2012 Inauguration and Foundation pdf document

Five Years to start and to develop the Turtle Rescue & Conservation Centre in SE Nepal.

2010 – 2012 Planning and development of project
search for partners: Murcia University, Munich Reptile Rescue Centre, Rotterdam, Zoo

2012 signing MOU, inauguration and setting of foundation stone inbetween ARCO-Nepal & SUMMEF

Decision of TRCC units like Dam, Lake, Ponds, Education Centre, Rescue Points, Live specimen area + Map, MOU 1+2, Government approval

- Report of 2012 – Nepal Visit and Program pdf document

- Seminar 2012 pdf document

- New Books for students - Nepali Study Books

- Posters for the Natural History Museum

- Chitwan National Park – Education Centre. Development plan presented to the Director General in April 2012

- New Road signs to alert about Turtle Trafficking

road signs road signs

- Collaboration offer by MOU from Murcia University, Spain to Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu

Development proposals for Turtle Conservation Centres

- Budho Holi Wetland pdf document
- Badrapur & Turtle Conservation Centre pdf document
- Gharial Project & Turtle Conservation Centre (Royal Chitwan National Park) pdf document
- Turtle Breeding Centre (Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve) pdf document

Royal Chitwan National Park Headquarter & Information Centre (Nepal)

Royal Chitwan Park HQ

Project description for renovation and new positioning pdf document

The over 50 years old building of nowadays RCNP Headquarter station at Kasarah is being renovated and converted for a principal use as National park´s Headquarter as well as Information Centre. From rough planning sketches we received and from several visits by ARCO president Prof. H. H. Schleich a new concept for the so far only extensively used building has been given.

New plannings for contents eg. electrical installations and further exhibition details have been drafted and are submitted to DG Dr. Maskey and Chief Warden Mr. P. Shrestha. The suggested future concept for the building is to house a newly to establish Information Centre together with the Park´s adminstrative needs. The Information Centre shall contain a presentation of Nepal´s fauna and flora focusing on RCNP, also on the Park´s history and conservation concepts. Generation of small income can be realized by entrance fees, shop with local handicrafts (eg. carvings, grass woven products, pottery, broschures, posters, postcards, films, photos, etc.), a coffee shop also offering snacks, drinks a.o., guided tours around headquarter). The whole building got new painting, masonry renovation and leakage proived new roof cover. The inner parts will be painted, equipped with new halogen spot lightening and receive registartion, coffee shop and exhibition as well as new arrangement of seminar room and staff rooms. Also a small collection room mainly serving for a wet collection for voucher specimens of invertebrates, fishes, amphibains and reptiles will be new. The exhibition will cover approximately 300 m2.